Margin trading

Margin trading service is a service that GTJA (Vietnam) provides capital support to customers in the form of loans to purchase securities in the list regulated by the Securities Commission and GTJA (Vietnam).

Provide a financial instrument - margin lending, convenient for customers. Customers can use part of GTJA (Vietnam)' loan to buy listed securities.

Customers who open (or authorized) securities trading accounts at GTJA (Vietnam).

Customers need to sign “Securities Margin Trading Contract” with GTJA (Vietnam). After that, they can place orders to buy and sell securities using GTJA (Vietnam)s' margin loans via the Internet, over the counter or by phone.

Maximum is 90 days from the date the customer buys securities. Based on the customer's request for extension, GTJA (Vietnam) may approve the extension for the next 90 days.

The principal and interest of the margin loan (calculated on the actual number of days of using the margin loan) will be returned to GTJA (Vietnam). Prioritize collection of loan interest first, principal later

10%/year (360 days) (Varies from time to time) Overdue interest rate: 150% interest on term

Customers can see details at “Interest Rate Schedule” Financial Services or contact our customer service specialists.

  • Support rate: 10% – 50%
  • Minimum Maintenance Margin: 36% (Varies from time to time and may vary from client to client)
  • Processing rate: < 36% (Varies from time to time and can be applied depending on each customer)
  • Time limit for supplementing maintenance margin ratio: Up to 01 working day after the date of violation.
  • Due date for loan processing: Up to 01 working days after the due date.
  • Stock index
  • VNINDEX: 1285.45   16.88   (1.33%)
  • HNX: 311.17   -2.12   (-0.68%)