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General Regulation


Investors can only open 01 account at 01 securities company however they can open accounts at different securities companies.
Investors can simultaneously buy and sell 1 securities code on a trading day. However, investors are not allowed to place both buying order and selling order for the same securities code in one periodic order matching session, except for the orders, which have been input into trading system in the previous continuous order matching session, are unmatched but still effective.
Investors should guarantee that they have adequate securities when placing selling order and have enough collateral amount when placing buying order, as regulated.
Organizations, individuals and related parties who hold from 5% of number of shares of a listed organization or a registered-to-trade organization must report to State Securities Commission of Vietnam/ Stock Exchanges and the listed organization/ registered-to-trade organization within 07 days since the day of change, whenever they make transactions causing a change in number of shares that they are owning exceeds 1% of number of the same shares currently in circulation in comparison to the latest report.
Internal shareholders (Member of the Board of Directors, Board of Managers, chief accountant, member of supervisory board, majority shareholders, spokesman and related people) of listed organization who intend to trade stocks of the organization itself must conduct:

• Send written report to SSC, Stock Exchanges, the listed organization/ registered-to-trade organization at least 03 working day before expected trading day
• Only start trading after 24 hours since there is disclosure of information from Stock Exchanges
• Report to SSC, Stock Exchanges, the listed organization/ registered-to-trade organization of the trading results within 03 days since trading completion day or since expected trading time is over.
Investors opening securities trading account at GTJA (Vietnam) can place order via these channels:
• Via Online Trading System: Webtrading, Home trading, Mobile trading
• Via Contact Center: 1900 5454 61 hoặc (024) 35779999
• At GTJA (Vietnam) transaction office.


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