Guotai Junan (Vietnam) expands cooperation in providing products and services with Eximbank Ba Dinh



According to the agreement between the two sides, Eximbank will coordinate to provide securities and banking products and services of Guotai Junan (Vietnam) through transactions at the Ba Dinh branch.

On August 20, 2021, Guotai Junan Securities Joint Stock Company (Vietnam) signed a cooperation agreement with Vietnam Export-Import Joint Stock Commercial Bank (Eximbank) to expand the trading market and provide securities and banking products and services through the bank’s Ba Dinh branch (Hanoi).

By the end of April 2022, Vietnam’s stock market had 5.2 million accounts, and the number of individual investors accounted for 98.9%, according to the Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD). This is the second-highest number of new monthly opening accounts in history, second only to March’s 270,000 accounts. Domestic investors are considered by Guotai Junan (Vietnam)’s experts as the main growth driver of the market for more than a year. This group regularly accounts for over 80% of the total transaction value of the market.

Receiving this positive signal, the cooperation agreement between Guotai Junan Securities (Vietnam), a subsidiary of Guotai Junan International, and Eximbank, one of the first commercial joint stock banks in Vietnam, will maximize the strengths of the two sides to serve customers quickly and effectively. Moreover, effectively utilizing the potential of Guotai Junan (Vietnam) and the strengths of Eximbank will help maximize the competitiveness of both enterprises in the Vietnamese financial market.

The outstanding benefit of the securities product supply model with the support of Eximbank is that customers trading at Ba Dinh branch will be consulted and provided at the same time high-quality financial products and services of Guotai Junan (Vietnam) easily, convenient, suitable for capacity and financial needs.

Discussing the cooperation agreement, a representative of Eximbank Ba Dinh said: “The reality shows that the need for comprehensive advice on financial solutions, including stocks and bonds right at the bank is increasing markedly. We believe that the cooperation between Eximbank Ba Dinh and Guotai Junan (Vietnam) helps to harmonize supply and demand, while creating a solid foundation to provide the most practical and professional financial products and services to Eximbank’s customers, thereby bringing sustainable value to businesses.”

Regarding Guotai Junan (Vietnam), General Director Hoang Anh said: “The signing of the agreement with Eximbank Ba Dinh is an important step for us to continue diversifying our strategic partners in order to bring the optimal products and services of Guotai Junan (Vietnam) to millions of Eximbank customers nationwide.” Mr. Hoang Anh expressed his belief that the future cooperation will bring many important benefits to Eximbank, Guotai Junan and customers of both sides, contributing to promoting the financial and securities sector in Vietnam.


About Eximbank

Eximbank was established on May 24, 1989, as one of Vietnam’s first joint-stock commercial banks. Eximbank is currently one of the largest equity banks in the commercial banking sector in Vietnam, has 207 branches and transaction offices nationwide and has established agency relationships with 869 banks in 84 countries around the world. Eximbank provides the full range of services of an international bank, including investment – financial – monetary consultancy services.

About Guotai Junan (Vietnam)

Guotai Junan Vietnam Securities Joint Stock Company – GTJA (Vietnam) is a prestigious securities company with extensive experience in the financial market. Guotai Junan (Vietnam) offers a wide range of business services including securities brokerage, securities investment consultancy, securities self-employment, securities depository, and securities underwriting.

Born in the context of the country’s strong economy and Vietnam’s rapidly growing financial market, the company is aware of its mission to provide customers with high-quality financial services, and rich opportunities to choose products and services. The needs of the customer are the driving force for the company to grow. Dedicated customer service is the key to GTJA (Vietnam) success.

In 2022, GTJA (Vietnam) will enter a new stage of development. In the long run, Vietnam is a key market for Guotai Junan Group, and GTJA (Vietnam) will make good use of its international management experience from its head office, as well as comprehensive business and technical support.  GTJA (Vietnam) is confident to become a first-class financial services provider in Vietnam in accordance with the law and will reach many new highs in operational efficiency, bringing long-term stable profits to the company’s shareholders.

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