Guotai Junan (Vietnam) announces record-high revenue, marking strong growth after 15 years of establishment



The securities industry in 2021 has a strong breakthrough and overcomes pandemic barriers, market liquidity and the number of new open accounts increased sharply, creating favourable conditions for the financial and securities sector in Vietnam.

In 2021, thanks to the new orientation and long-term vision of the Board of Directors, Guotai Junan Securities JSC (Vietnam) has achieved many record-high growth results. The Company’s total revenue and profit after tax exceeded 68% and 272% respectively compared to 2020.


Up to now, 2021 is the year Guotai Junan (Vietnam) reached the highest revenue milestone in 15 years since its establishment, specifically:

  • Revenue exceeded VND 96 billion and profit after tax reached VND 35 billion
  • The highest return on equity in history, reaching 5.27%
  • After-tax profit of shares up 272%


Sharing about the business situation in 2021, General Director Hoang Anh said: “We are gradually implementing a prudent and solid business strategy, in which margin lending and securities brokerage are the two main drivers of growth. With the advantages of large lending capital and attractive margin interest rates, we believe that 2022 will be an uplifting year for Guotai Junan investors.”

Guotai Junan (Vietnam) defines 2022 as the year the company enters a new phase, requiring intellectual convergence to spread success. With a professional staff, strict and multi-layered management process, innovation and diversification of financial services, and strong development of cooperation with domestic partners, GTJA (VN) is gradually improving the brand in the financial market and will confidently take firm steps in the next journey to conquer the new high levels.



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About Guotai Junan (Vietnam)

Guotai Junan Vietnam Securities Joint Stock Company (“GTJA (Vietnam)”, stock code: IVS) is a prestigious securities company with extensive experience in the financial market. Guotai Junan Vietnam offers a wide range of business services including securities brokerage, securities investment consultancy, securities self-employment, securities depository, and securities underwriting. Born in the context of the country’s strong economy and Vietnam’s rapidly growing financial market, the company is aware of its mission to provide customers with high-quality financial services, and rich opportunities to choose products and services. The needs of the customer are the driving force for the company to grow. Dedicated customer service is the key to GTJA (Vietnam) success.

In 2022, GTJA (Vietnam) will enter a new stage of development. In the long run, Vietnam is a key market for Guotai Junan International Group, and GTJA (Vietnam) will make good use of its international management experience from its head office, as well as comprehensive business and technical support. GTJA (Vietnam) is confident to become a first-class financial services provider in Vietnam in accordance with the law and will reach many new highs in operational efficiency, bringing long-term stable profits to the company’s shareholders. For more information about GTJA (Vietnam), please visit the website:

About Guotai Junan International

Guotai Junan International (“GTJAI”, stock code: 1788.HK) is the market leader, the first attempt for the internationalization process of China Securities Company, as well as the first Chinese stockbroker to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange through an IPO. The company has also been listed in the FTSE4Good index of the London Stock Exchange in the United Kingdom. Headquartered in Hong Kong, GTJAI offers diversified integrated financial services, covering seven key areas: brokerage, corporate finance, asset management, lending and finance, financial products, market creation and investment management. GTJAI has been ranked “Baa2” and “BBB+” by Moody’s and Standard & Poor. The majority shareholder is Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 601211.SS; 2611.HK), which is a comprehensive financial services provider with a long-term, sustainable and comprehensive leading position in the Chinese securities industry. For more information about GTJAI, please visit

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