Press annoucment

Priority Client Policy



  1. For new clients/new NAV with existing client

(In these policy for local client only )

                                   Client group




        I.            Commission rate

Minimum at 0.12%

Minimum at 0.1%

      II.            Margin interest rate

Minimum at 9%/ yearly

Minimum at 8%/ yearly

The margin interest rate of each stock will be taken in consideration, depend on client’s applicable  

   III.            Reviewing time


   IV.            Reviewing policy

Please follow 4.1 or 4.2 the entry criteria to enter priority client policy

4.1 Net asset value

From 10 billion to 20 billion

Minimum at 20 billion

4.2 Total average transaction fee and margin fee per month



Minimum at 100 million


Minimum at 200 million



 – For new NAV with existing clients, GTJA (Vietnam) use individual sub account to monitor Client should notify their brokers or transaction department staffs for applying this offer for creating a sub-account under the transaction system.

– The Offer is applicable to the sub-account transaction only. The terms of the original account remain unchanged.

  1. For old clients

( in these policy for local client and foreign client)

                           Client group


Priority 1

Priority 2

1.       Quarterly of Total transaction fee and margin fee

 150 million or more

 200 million or more

2.       Gift

Lunar new year gift

Birthday’s gift and lunar new year gift

Ask for stock, industry, macro analysis.

Reviewing time quarterly



    • Stock index
    • VNINDEX: 1111.18   8.61   (0.78%)
    • HNX: 222.43   1.65   (0.75%)